10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens 2021

10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens

10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Women’s 2021

Hello guys, Welcome to my other blog. In this blog, I am showing you all 10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Women’s 2021.

Lehengas are the perfect attire that enhances women’s beauty. Either you’re dressing for marriage or Karva Chauth, every woman likes to drape themselves in beautiful Lehenga Cholis to seem elegant.

Whether you have to attend a close friend’s wedding or a distant cousin’s wedding, you can never go wrong with Lehengas.

In this write-up, we have discussed the different types of Lehengas along-with modern Lehengas images through which you should take inspiration.

If you’re comfortable with experimenting then nobody can stop you from slaying a glamorous look with modern Lehenga designs.

1. Flared Lehenga

10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens

For brides that want to opt for the classic gota and zari work will love this full-flared lehenga is not just unusual in its color scheme but also its style.

The lehenga with aqua sea and pastel peach shades is the perfect combination for a beach or seaside wedding.

The mirror work on the lehenga and blouse doesn’t just make it more elegant.

But also makes it stand out from the usual zari and Gota work that brides go for.

It goes without saying that what makes this look work is the wide flare that makes the minute details of the lehenga more noticeable.

The choice of earthy colors for this full flared lehenga is unusual and yet very classy.

While the wide flare does absolute justice to the heavy work on the lehenga skirt, this cut is perfect for apple, pear, and hourglass-shaped brides.

For brides looking to replicate this look must go for as many Kalis as possible in their lehenga and also opt for traditional jewelry to go with it.

2. Mermaid / Fishtale Lehenga

10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens

This is a singular sort of lehenga where the design resembles closely the tail of a fish. This is where this lehenga possesses its name from.

And the grace of mermaids because of the distinctive fish-shaped silhouette.

So, if you are a bride-to-be and want to set the mercury level high on your special day with the most updated trend of Indian fashion.

Then choosing the mermaid style lehenga is often one of the simplest choices.

In recent times, this lehenga style has got immense popularity.

And flared from the calves forming a fishtail and resembling a mermaid tail.

Besides, the small trail at the back can add glamour to the overall look of the wearer with a perfect figure.

This lehenga comes under 10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Women’s 2021.

3. A-Line Lehenga

10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens

This lehenga has the standard A-line hem that forms an ideal A. The number of pleats during this lehenga is sort of less.

Secured at the waist with the mid-riff left bare, the lehenga is typically worn on ceremonial occasions, festivals, and weddings.

It is generally embroidered, printed, or embellished and is worn with a fitting blouse called ‘choli’.

Additionally, the lehenga-choli is paired with a ‘dupatta’ which acts as a sari pallu and covers the mid-riff and head.

Depending on how one wishes to drape it, going by the occasion.

4. Straight Lehenga

10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens

In straight-cut lehenga, the skirt is long and straight in style, which doesn’t have any sort of flare.

One of the foremost preferred choices for lehenga is straight cut due to its versatility on everyone type.

With straight-cut lehenga, you’ll prefer to wear a crop top style designer blouse.

It has slits on the side for simple movement. These lehengas have a straight silhouette without any space for pleats or gather for the fullness.

Instead, a side slit is provided for easy movement.

Even these are suitable for occasional wear and appropriate for Inverted triangle or rectangular t body shapes.

This lehenga comes under 10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Women’s 2021.

5. Panelled Lehenga

10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens

This lehenga type will have several panels attached together for fullness.

These panels can be the same or different depending upon one’s choice.

With heavy embellishments, these lehengas opt for party wear are suitable for Inverted and rectangular body shapes.

At the top of the flare during this lehenga, there are some classy panels attached thereto.

The panels are used at the top of the hemline to extend the quantity of the flare also add a contrasting design for a glamorous look.

You can easily wear it on special functions or on special occasions.

6. Jacket Lehenga

10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens

Of course, there’s nothing different in this type of lehenga except the jacket, which adds an oomph factor to your entire couture and personality.

In jacket style lehenga, there’s a long loose style jacket, which has intricate embroidery work with fine detailing.

To look different and sassy, devour this sort of Lehenga and leave a long-lasting impression on others.

This style is extremely fresh within the world of weddings and is stepping into the highest hits lately.

The lehengas are kept flare and simple with a long jacket covered in zardozi embroidery or delicate weaving on velvet.

With the sort of jacket that you simply chose, you’ll have a spread of looks from rich and stylish ones to subtle and decent ones also.

This lehenga comes under 10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Women’s 2021.

7. Half – Saree Lehenga

Inspired by the traditional South Indian half saree, this lehenga gives a virtual saree look without the need to go through the hassle of tying one.

The look is basically due to the way one drapes the dupatta with the lehenga.

In this sort of lehenga, there’s an illusion of a saree look, but it’s actually a lehenga.

The illusion of saree comes with the draping of the dupatta, which we usually neutralize saree.

However, this is often much better than a saree as you’ll wear this sort of lehenga comfortably with no hassle.

Moreover, the flare of this stylish lehenga is certainly icing on the cake.

8. Sharara Lehenga are among 10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Women’s.

The trendy sharara lehenga is high in demand within the Indian apparel industry at the present.

From simple to designer, there are a huge variety of styles and designs in sharara cut lehenga, which has an elegant palazzo with a loose hem.

With the trends changing within the market, these have also evolved into the categories of lehengas.

These are lehengas that are stitched from the middle of the hem like a trouser or a huge plazo but look like a lehenga as a whole.

These are usually worn with long Kurtis and are usually worn by Muslim brides.

This lehenga comes under 10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Women’s 2021.

9. Layered Lehenga are among 10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens.

A Layered Lehenga, because the name suggests, has several layers of materials on the skirt, forming flares of various sizes from top to bottom of the skirt.

Layered Lehengas are dresses that have been inspired by the traditional Indian dress lehenga or ghagra.

Which has been modernized by adding multiple layers of fabric.

Being a part of the long-standing traditions of India, these dresses have undergone a series of innovations.

And the influence of the many cultural elements of the country is evident in all designs of the lehengas or ghagras.

10. Chevron Print Lehenga are among 10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Womens.

Often referred to as the zigzag pattern by the uninitiated ones, Chevron print has been in vogue since 2014.

So much so, if you flick through the racks of our coveted bridal wear designers today, you’ll definitely find a chevron lehenga to rock at your Mehendi!

Convinced much? Now, before you head bent shop one for your Mehendi, scroll right down to inspect our favorite finds that we’ve narrowed down for you!

Isn’t it such a fail-safe color-combo to consider for your Mehendi? You can later wear this skirt with a classic white shirt too!

Are you a fan of colorful lehengas? Then tick off this gorgeous lehenga that Ananya Pandey pulled off so effortlessly!

On a side note, this bride too wore it at her Mehendi ceremony. Now it’s your time to give it a go-ahead and slay like the diva that you are!

This lehenga comes under 10 Different Types Of Lehengas For Women’s 2021.

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