10 Different Types Of Bracelets For Womens

10 Different Types Of Bracelets

10 Different Types Of Bracelets For Womens

Hello guys, In this blog I am going to show you all 10 Different Types Of Bracelets For Womens.

There are so many varieties of bracelets on the market now, that finding the right one for you can be a feat. The word bracelet is an umbrella term that covers a good range of categories.

If you want a quick look without, jump to the infographic at the end of the article that showcases the main types of bracelets. If not, keep reading! The word “bracelet” comes from the Greek word “brachile” which suggests “of the arm.”

The world’s most expensive bracelet was a Cartier panther bracelet with onyx and diamond which sold for £4.5m at auction in 2010. It belonged to Wallis Simpson, the American socialite whose affair with King Edward VIII led to his abdication.

1. Bangle Bracelet

10 Different Types Of Bracelets

A bangle is usually a rigid bracelet that has no clasp or opening. Because of this, bangles are generally loose and have a tendency to maneuver around.

When wearing a thin bracelet, people tend to layer them, either with similar bracelets or a number of differently styled ones.

However, you can also opt to wear a single, large bangle which would work as a statement bracelet.

It is common to ascertain a replacement bride wearing glass bangles at her wedding.

There are two basic types of bangles: a solid cylinder type; and a split, cylindrical spring opening/closing type.

The primary distinguishing factor between these is that the material wont to make the bangles.

2. Chain Bracelet

10 Different Types Of Bracelets

Chain bracelets are typically made from metal loops linked together to make a sequence .

There are a spread of chain types you’ll choose between, which we’ve detailed during this article on sorts of chains.

Depending on the size and type of chain you choose, you can express a variety of styles with your chain bracelet.

These bracelets have clasps that make them easy to place on and begin.
Chain bracelets are stylish and tend to suit most occasions.

This bracelet comes in 10 Different Types Of Bracelets For Womens.

3. Tennis Bracelet

10 Different Types Of Bracelets

One of the foremost classic and complicated options for a bracelet, tennis bracelets are a superb choice for any occasion.

Whether it’s for the red carpet or literally to play tennis with, tennis bracelets blend in well with any outfit.

A diamond tennis bracelet is a flexible gold bracelet with one or multiple rows of diamonds.

Though the name may suggest otherwise, it was not designed to wear while playing a set of tennis.

This specific piece of jewelry thanks to its name to the famous tennis player Chris Evert.

 Desperately, she asked to pause the sport to seek out her bracelet.

The event was broadcasted on live television; therefore the whole world watched this remarkable scene.

4. Cuff Bracelet

10 Different Types Of Bracelets

Cuffs are a type of inflexible bangle but are different in that they have an opening.

This makes cuffs easier to put on and as they don’t have clasps or any type of closure, you don’t have to fiddle about with one hand.

Cuffs are available in a spread of sizes and designs, with wide cuffs having a bold, confident look.

Thinner cuffs are more suitable for regular wear and fit any outfit.

This bracelet variety may be a unisex style, looking great on both men and ladies.

This bracelet comes in 10 Different Types Of Bracelets For Womens.

5. Charm Bracelet

10 Different Types Of Bracelets

These were excellent keepsakes and could be attached to a chain.

Over time, the concept of charm bracelets captured the imagination of jewelry lovers, becoming a perfect thanks to keeping mementos and symbolic items close at hand.

Today, there are so many types of charms available representing various topics, hobbies, and themes.

Charm bracelets are versatile, allowing you to take on and put on charms as you wish, depending on your mood and preferences.

Traditionally, the wearer, usually a lady, begins with an easy chain then chooses and adds charms that have personal aims to her own life.

6. Beaded Bracelet

They can be stiff, elastic, made of gemstones, plastic, glass, wood… you name it.

Beaded bracelets are also perfect for meditation or spiritual jewelry.

This sort of bracelets is perfect for stacking and blends well with other sorts of bracelets.

They’re generally great if you’re going for a casual look. They can be worn alongside any outfit combination and still look amazing.

Whether it’s formal wear or casual, men’s beaded bracelets distinctly complement a spread of clothes and deliver a classy look.

This bracelet comes in 10 Different Types Of Bracelets For Womens.

7. Pearl Bracelet are among 10 Different Types Of Bracelets.

Much like diamond tennis bracelets, pearl bracelets are a classic staple of most jewelry collections and have been so for centuries.

They’re sophisticated and very elegant.

Because of the typically neutral color of pearls (there are black and colored pearls too but white remains the most popular) pearl bracelets blend well with any outfit.

If you’re thinking that a pearl bracelet is old-fashioned, re-evaluate. A case in point is that this beautiful Keshi pearl bracelet.

Designers are becoming creative with pearls, using different types of pearls and setting them in unique ways to form pearl jewelry generally, modern and chic.

Just like the shell of a mollusk, a pearl consists of carbonate (mainly aragonite or a mix of aragonite and calcite) in minute crystalline form, which has deposited in concentric layers.

8. Slider Bracelet are among 10 Different Types Of Bracelets.

Without a doubt, one of the foremost annoying things about bracelets is trying to urge the clasp on with one hand. Slider bracelets are an answer to that.

This makes slider bracelets comfortable and easy to wear.

Slider bracelets can come in a variety of designs and styles, from dressed up and chic to casual and boho. It’s all in the materials and design.

Before the creation of the wristwatch, Victorian women wore their timepiece on a neck chain that stayed in place with a decorative station that supported the watch.

With a variety of these “stations” to wear with different outfits, they needed some use for all that jewelry after the wristwatch came into fashion.

This bracelet comes in 10 Different Types Of Bracelets For Womens.

9. Affirmation Bracelet are among 10 Different Types Of Bracelets.

Affirmation bracelets are bracelets that hold a message for the wearer.

They’re typically positive, inspiring words, quotes, or messages that serve as a constant reminder to the wearer.

Affirmation bracelets aren’t a style of bracelet and can make using any of the above 12 mentioned styles.

In this way, they’re not exactly a separate type of bracelet but more a style of bracelet.

So, there you have it, the top 13 types of bracelets.

We recommend searching on Etsy or Amazon for a large variety of styles at competitive prices.

Just ensure that you do your due diligence, check the track record of the retailer, customer reviews, and after-sales policies.

10. Designer Bracelet are among 10 Different Types Of Bracelets.

Anything with the adjective designer attached to it is generally fancy and expensive. No exception here.

Designer bracelets are high-end pieces of jewelry made using expensive materials, like diamonds, platinum, and gold.

What makes designer bracelets stand out is that they’re unique and not your typical run-of-the-mill kind of jewelry.

They come with a big price tag but they can last for decades and be passed down generations.

This bracelet comes in 10 Different Types Of Bracelets For Womens.

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